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Large-sized hat
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第三回 大きいサイズのハットコレクション

Philosophy of Poppins

Getting to know my shop

When I was younger, I always felt insecure because my head was bigger than most people my age. I never wore hats because they didn't fit me well.
But that changed when I went to a hat making school. I was able to make hats that fit me perfectly. I enjoyed making various hat designs. Some were sophisticated, some practical, and some whimsical.
After moving to Kyoto, I began to sell hats.Through interacting with customers, I realized that there were many people like me who were reluctant to wear hats and I was sure that “wearing a hat of the right size“ was the first step to overcoming the inferiority complex associated with hats.


To find a hat that suits you well

Thus, Poppins was born.
I promised myself to offer hats that would fit people well and make them feel good with hats.
I named my shop after Mary Poppins because like her as a fairy, I would like to be someone who can do magical things with hats.
I will help you find hats that suit you well and enjoy life.

Why such large-sized hats from Kyoto?

Do you know Kyoto is the birthplace of Japanese movies?
I once heard from an old hat maker that people in Japan started wearing modern hats at the same time movies were created. At that time, many Japanese actors needed to wear wigs, so they had to use large-sized hats to go with them.
I'm happy to work in Kyoto with this historical background about large-sized hats like this, and I believe I can make you all happy.

About Poppins


Product introduction


Original beret

There's no technique to make it look good, which means you can keep this round shape when you put it on the side or back of your head without any wrinkles.

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Unique walnut hat

It features a flexible shape.The flexibility will allow you to look more stylish depending on your mood of the day.

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Witch hat

Tthree lines are for
design purposes, but they also have practical purposes.
It expands and contracts depending on the person who wears it, so it fits many people.

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Swirl Beret

It is a beret made of very lightweight fabric using a lock sewing machine.
It is my creation and also challenging one.

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Origami hat

The hat is made up of four " boot -shaped " panels of coated canvas which were sewn together with straight stitches forming a squarish-shape giving it pointy edges.

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contact the hat fitter.

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